Can Recovery Begin Without Hitting Rock Bottom?

Can recovery begin without hitting rock bottom: FHE Blog

Drug addiction is not a rural issue, an urban one, nor is it a suburban problem. Substance abuse in the United States is a rapidly growing phenomenon that affects each and every one or us whether directly or indirectly. Habits are hard to give up, but it is important that we relinquish the ones that adversely impact our… Read More

Four Alcohol-Free Drinks To Order At The Bar

Even if you refuse every social invitation that will involve bars or clubs where alcohol consumption is assumed, it’s hard to avoid being out these days without someone around you consuming alcohol. If you’re at a wedding or restaurant someone is probably ordering a drink. Something that makes it hard to stick to your life of sobriety is… Read More

Ben Affleck Continues Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism after Rehab

Ben Affleck Continues Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism after Rehab Earlier this year, actor Ben Affleck announced on Facebook that he had sought treatment for alcoholism. “I have completed treatment for alcohol addiction; something I’ve dealt with in the past and will continue to confront,” reads his Facebook post from March. “I want to live life to the fullest… Read More

The Effects of Addiction on Children

Effects of Addiction

The Effects of Addiction on Children One of the saddest things to witness in addiction is the effect it has on children. Unfortunately, many underage people suffer from the effects of addiction due to their parent’s substance abuse. The short and long-term effects of exposure to addiction are vast and devastating. Children are often powerless to get away… Read More

Four Reasons to Attend Alcohol Treatment

The state of Florida, as many other states in the country, has alcohol as the most cited substance that had been abused by people seeking addiction treatment. Do you have all the signs of alcohol addiction? You almost always think about your next drink while at work, home or when not at the pub, you get annoyed if… Read More

Overcoming Alcoholism through Treatment in Florida

Admitting the problem is the first step to overcoming alcoholism through treatment in Florida. You can learn more about what to expect with a recovery program by talking to the staff, like the strained counselors at FHE Health. They can help you begin to understand what else you will walk through on your journey to recovery. Steps to… Read More

Avoiding DUI Charges by Attending Alcohol Treatment in Florida

Getting stopped for driving under the influence can hurt your entire driving record, but there may be a way for avoiding DUI charges by attending alcohol treatment in Florida. You will need to talk with your attorney and work with a recovery professional, like one of the experienced staff at FHE Health, to plan your treatment program. Tips… Read More

Alcohol Treatment in Florida – A Look Inside

Inside Alcohol Treatment in Florida The mysteries of alcohol treatment in Florida can be unlocked by taking a look inside. Facilities are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals that are collectively moving through a parallel process that is different on many levels, but similar at the same time. FHE Health understands that moving into recovery can be… Read More