How Good Health Habits Help You in Recovery

Good Health Habits

How Good Health Habits Help You in Recovery As a recovering addict, your body has likely been through a lot of abuse. In addiction, we don’t care about things like blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease. The only focus is on getting high or drunk. It takes precedence before any other obligation or responsibility in your life. Starting… Read More

Revisiting Rock Bottom: The Stages of Relapse

Revisiting Rock Bottom: The Stages of Relapse Addiction is easy to think of as an abstract concept, something that only happens to people in movies and on the news- until it touches your own life. It’s simple, as an outside observer, to look at an addict or alcoholic who is killing themselves with substances and think, “why don’t… Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal & Death: Delirium Tremens Treatment

Alcohol Withdrawal & Death: Delirium Tremens Treatment What is Delirium Tremens? Alcohol abuse is so dangerous that when individuals stop drinking, the withdrawal symptoms provoke death. This type of alcohol withdrawal is known as delirium tremens or DTs. Since this alcohol withdrawal is dangerous, it is important for those that are experiencing it to seek medical attention while… Read More

Beware of Seasonal Affective Disorder Triggered Relapse This Holiday Season

This Fall & Winter, Beware of Relapse Due to Seasonal Affective Disorder Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) is known to have an effect on drug and alcohol addiction. Characterized as a type of depression, SAD can easily cause a person to begin to slip away and begin thinking about or actively relapsing. It is just as prominent as any… Read More

When Addiction Relapse Occurs, What Next?

addiction relapse

When Addiction Relapse Occurs, What Next? In recovery, addiction relapse is very common. While addiction is treatable, statistics show that relapse happens often. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40 to 60% of people in drug addiction relapse in their first year of sobriety. This number goes down as more sober time is achieved, but relapse… Read More

Drug Rehabilitation and the Benefits

Understanding drug rehabilitation and the benefits of a recovery program can be vital to overcoming addiction. The staff at FHE Health has the experience and training to provide you with information on the programs that are available. They will work with you to begin working through your issues and developing a recovery plan. Understanding Drug Rehabilitation and the… Read More

Overcoming Alcoholism through Treatment in Florida

Admitting the problem is the first step to overcoming alcoholism through treatment in Florida. You can learn more about what to expect with a recovery program by talking to the staff, like the strained counselors at FHE Health. They can help you begin to understand what else you will walk through on your journey to recovery. Steps to… Read More

How to Find Affordable Drug Rehab

The more you learn about recovery programs the easier it will be to find affordable drug rehab. Working with trained specialists, like the staff at FHE Health, can be an important part of understanding addiction programs. Tips to Help Find Affordable Drug Rehab – start with your health insurance. Many policies offer coverage for rehabilitation in certain programs…. Read More