Understanding Alcoholism in College Students

College students - Alcoholism

House parties, tailgates, and bars: three of the main hangout spots of all college students. They’re filled with a bunch of people and a lot of fun being had. There’s one more thing they’re filled with though, and that is alcohol. Alcohol, even before they turn the legal age of use, is easily accessible to every college student… Read More

The Risks of Hallucinogens in Addiction Treatment

How Hallucinogens are used in addiction treatment

Treating substance addiction with hallucinogenics is a current hot topic within the evolving field of addiction treatment modalities. Hallucinogenics are drugs that cause audio, visual, tactile or olfactory hallucinations by disrupting neurotransmitter systems existing within the spinal cord and brain. Neurotransmitters involved with regulating sensory perception and mood include dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine and norepinephrine. Unlike heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine, hallucinogenics do not target “reward” centers or opioid receptors in… Read More

Is Alcohol a Gateway Drug?

Is Alcohol a Gateway Drug?

Alcohol abuse has caused a lot of turmoil and chaos in the lives that it has overtaken. Alcoholism does not happen overnight and as time passes the abuse of alcohol becomes worse. Before you know it, your life can spiral out of control in all areas. Luckily, alcohol addiction treatment will provide the therapy and coping mechanisms that will… Read More

Avoidance Is Keeping Your Addiction Alive

Avoidance is Keeping Your Addiction Alive

Avoidance in relation to substance addiction is simply the refusal that there is an issue. Often times, addicts are in denial that they are abusing drugs and/or alcohol to get through their daily lives. There is a social stigma attached to substance abuse that makes admitting addiction incredibly difficult. Addicts do not want to admit that their entire lives… Read More

Is Addiction Hereditary?

FHE Health Blog - Is addiction hereditary

You’ve probably heard ‘addiction’ be called a family disease, but what does that actually mean? Is that just a metaphor or is there actually a genetic disposition passed on to children that make addiction more likely? Today we are exploring whether or not is addiction hereditary. It’s an Important Question The effects of active addiction are certainly not… Read More

The Difference Between a Behavioral Addiction and a Drug Addiction

The Difference Between Behavioral and Drug Addiction

Anything that becomes the sole focus of someone’s daily life, to the point where they neglect those around them and their responsibilities, can be seen as an addiction. It may be an object, behavior, activity, or substance but regardless gives the individual some sort of pleasure or reward. Addiction elicits a response in the brain that gives the… Read More

Four Alcohol-Free Drinks To Order At The Bar

Even if you refuse every social invitation that will involve bars or clubs where alcohol consumption is assumed, it’s hard to avoid being out these days without someone around you consuming alcohol. If you’re at a wedding or restaurant someone is probably ordering a drink. Something that makes it hard to stick to your life of sobriety is… Read More

How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Becoming a parent is a life changer. One of the ways your life changes forever is the question of who you answer to. As a parent we would normally say that what changes when you have children is that someone has to answer to you. However, It is your job to provide your children with their basic needs,… Read More

Suggesting Drug and Alcohol Rehab to Your Friend

So your friend seems to be struggling. They’re not meeting their responsibilities. They’ve skipped out on events you know they needed to attend, or are getting behind on their bills. Maybe you’ve seen that their impulse control is compromised, maybe their anger has been unchecked lately. But whether they are struggling with alcohol addiction or maybe it is… Read More

What Kind of Therapy is Right For You?

After you go through a medically supervised alcohol detox program, drug replacement therapy, or come home from attending a drug rehab facility, your next step should be to find a therapist. In fact you may think about seeking out group therapy and personal therapy both. Check out these different ways people do therapy Talk Therapy: Talk therapy is… Read More