The Growing Concern for Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine Addiction

The Growing Concern for Amphetamine Addiction What are Amphetamines? Amphetamines are stimulants that target the central nervous system and send messages to the brain to produce extra dopamine. Dopamine is also a natural chemical that regulates mood and causes a user to have feelings of euphoria. Amphetamines are taken orally, injected into the bloodstream, as well as crushed… Read More

What you need to know about Living with an Addict

living with an addict

With over 23 million different Americans living with an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, the probability that you live with an addict is quite high. While drug addicts suffer, their friends, family, and housemates suffer as well. It is important to know what to do in the situation of living with an addict.   The negative effects that… Read More

Tips for Choosing Affordable Treatment in Miami

Sometimes the best beginning to recovery lies in choosing affordable treatment in Miami. A little research and some great advice can be the keys to making your way through. Tips for Choosing Affordable Treatment in Miami Talk to people that you respect in the industry. Counselors or group leaders usually have their ear to the ground when it… Read More

Getting Affordable Addiction Treatment in Florida

Finding the right recovery program for you may depend on locating affordable addiction treatment in Florida. The process of recovery can take time and many programs can cost a substantial amount of money. The staff at FHE Health recognizes the financial difficulties involved and will work with you to create the best solution possible. Tips for Affordable Addiction… Read More

What Makes Affordable Addiction Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Finding affordable addiction treatment in Jacksonville, FL will mean different things to different people. You have to determine your own priorities and find the recovery program that will work for your specific needs. The experienced staff at FHE Health has developed proven programs to match a wide range of situations. Choosing YOUR Affordable Addiction Treatment in Jacksonville •… Read More

Becoming Aware by Peter Marinelli

Becoming Aware by Peter Marinelli An interesting event took place recently with someone early in recovery, which was a great reminder for folks who are new on the path of sobriety. Sober just six months, this young fellow was experiencing high levels of anxiety and mood swings. He also has a history of addiction to Benzodiazepines (Benzos). So… Read More