Chemical Dependency Can Kill Fast, but Doesn’t Mind The Long Game

Drugs kill people at an alarming rate. Part of that is the pernicious nature of addiction itself, and part of it is how few people get the treatment they so desperately need, or get treatment that doesn’t go far enough to help ensure success in sobriety. Maybe they don’t know where to find affordable drug rehab, or they’re… Read More

Heightened Risk of Overdose for Construction Workers

A recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer written by Aubrey Whelan describes challenges specific to construction workers when it comes to opioid addiction and overdose. The article focuses on a union head’s struggle after the loss of eight members to overdose in the last 18 months. The Problem Workers of physically demanding jobs are often at risk for… Read More

Fight For Something Bigger Than Yourself

Have you sat around with friends in the past, worrying about the state of the world? Solving the world’s problems via late night conversation? I don’t know about you but that’s when I drank the most. Those were the times I would put back glasses of wine while pontificating about all kinds of ways I thought the world… Read More

More Expensive Treatment Not Always Better Treatment

In America we’re often raised to think that the more expensive something is the higher quality it is. But this is far from accurate and often it’s the other way around. In drug and alcohol addiction you have many options and more expensive doesn’t always equal better. The Problem With Pricey Rehabs You’ve probably seen video of the… Read More

3 Tips for Finding an Affordable Drug Rehab

Does affordable drug rehab exist? Yes, affordable drug rehab does exist. There are going to be some treatment facilities that will offer treatment at a higher rate because they have specialized services or luxury packages. This does not mean that you cannot find a rehab that offers affordable detox and standard 30, 60 and 90 day treatment programs…. Read More

What is Considered an Affordable Drug Rehab?

The cost of addiction runs deep and getting help often starts by understanding what is considered an affordable drug rehab. There are different options that will affect the overall costs involved with overcoming addiction. Working with an experienced recovery counselor, like one of the knowledgeable staff at FHE Health, can help you create a plan that helps you… Read More

What is Considered an Affordable Drug Rehab in Florida

Finding an affordable drug rehab in Florida will start with understanding your own financial needs. It also requires understanding what you want from your rehab experience. The staff at FHE Health wants to help you build a recovery foundation that will carry you into a healthy future. They understand that the right facility can make all of the… Read More