Innocent Highs to Miserable Lows: My Experience with Kratom Products

kratom products

Innocent Highs to Miserable Lows – My Experience with Kratom Products Kratom products have been classified as a schedule one substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration. By September 30, 2016, over-the-counter distribution of Kratom will be illegal. All suppliers will be expected to remove kratom from their shelves. People are protesting because it is considered an alternative treatment… Read More

Can I Afford Addiction Treatment in Florida?

For most individuals who are considering addiction treatment in Florida, they will ask themselves if they can afford it. Addiction treatment in Florida can be expensive and many people don’t seek the help they need because they believe it is out of their reach financially. Luckily, this is no longer the case. There are ways to find addiction… Read More

Reasons a Person Should Choose Addiction Treatment in Florida

The number of reasons a person should choose addiction treatment in Florida are almost as vast as the number of people that need the help with recovery. Addiction can be tough to overcome. The support provided through treatment programs can help build a solid foundation that will translate into a successful recovery process. FHE Health understands that recovery… Read More