The Most Common Medical Complications Alongside Addiction

What are some of the most common medical complications of addiction?

Addiction is a chronic disease affecting your psychological and physical self. An alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine or prescription pill addiction detrimentally impacts all physiological systems and may even exact permanent damage to your health. Specifically, certain brain areas and neurotransmitters responsible for supporting hormone release, memory, motivation, executive thinking and impulse control are severely incapacitated by drug and… Read More

Overcoming Obstacles to Getting Help

Overcoming Obstacles to get Addiction Help

Asking for help is scary. It forces us to show our vulnerability and give up control over the situation facing us. It also makes us feel like we’re burdening the person we’re asking to help us. This is hard for a lot of people to do because of these mindsets, but it is necessary in most cases. An… Read More

Practicing Self-Care In Recovery

One of the main things lost when a person develops a substance addiction is the desire to maintain their health. When struggling with the addiction, the individual’s mental and physical health is not a priority because they are all consumed by using. Before the addict knows it, their health has completely deteriorated. Being physically out of shape and… Read More

Why Addiction Isn’t Necessarily a Moral Failure

Is addiction a moral failing?

It is important to differentiate addiction from a moral failure. Those plagued with a medical disease are prone to a complete lapse in judgement in direct conflict with a moral code, but from a medically induced disassociation with reality. Drug Addict or Bad Person? There is widespread accusation and stereotype into the character of those addicdsted to drugs… Read More

Do You Have An Addictive Personality?

What is an addictive personality disorder

You may have heard that some people are more ‘addiction prone’ than others. Is it possible that identifying an individual at risk of becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol could be done earlier by noticing addictive personality traits? Is the ‘addictive personality’ a real thing, or is it just a casual expression? What is an Addictive Personality? “Addictive… Read More

Learning Self-Control in Recovery

Learning Self-control in Recovery

When trying to break an addiction to a substance, it very often involves having to experience strong cravings and withdrawal. In order to get through the short-term effects of withdrawal and to maintain long-term recovery, practicing self-control helps. This isn’t to say that addiction or relapse is a moral failing of the individual. Addiction is an insidious disease… Read More

Inpatient vs Outpatient Drug Treatment: Which is Right for You?

Which is right for you? Addiction Treatment

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that a staggering 20.2 million American adults have a substance use disorder. That’s over 8% of the entire population. Substance use disorders are devastating for both the struggling individual and their families and loved ones. Typically speaking, these disorders are progressive. That means they get worse before they better…. Read More

5 Reasons to Get Sober Now

5 Reasons to get sober NOW

A life absorbed by alcoholism and addiction can only lead to one of three places over time – jail, institutions, or death. Every day an individual remains active in alcoholism, addiction continues to win. If you’re considering a new way of life and want to know why getting sober might be your best option, this article is for… Read More

All About Rehab: Comparing Addiction Treatment Methods

All about Rehab - Addiction Treatment Methods

Addiction treatment methods are often extremely misunderstood. Many individuals genuinely believe the false rumors and the myths that surround addiction treatment methods. Did you know that out of people who need to get treated, only 10% actually do? That is an insane number when there are so many options available. So why is nobody getting the treatment they… Read More