Helpless Mother Watches Heroin Destroy Her Son

Helpless Mother

Addiction Took Her Son But Couldn’t Shatter a Mother’s Love Besides the death and damage that addiction inflicts on users, it also tears apart family members who are often helpless as their loved one struggles. But these struggles don’t extinguish their love. As reported by the Daily Journal of Franklin Indiana, no matter how much pain and anguish… Read More

Scammers, Fraudsters and Crooks : Welcome to the Rehab Industry

Conditions Vary Widely Across Treatment Centers There are more than 14,000 rehab centers in America, and with little oversight treatment regimens vary widely and financial fraud is frequent. As reported in Managed Healthcare Executive, a lack of national standards and less than optimal oversight of many inpatient opioid addiction rehabilitation programs is raising questions about the level of… Read More

Delaware Opening New Addiction Centers


The First State Opens New Addiction Treatment Centers Delaware is embracing a Centers of Excellence model to address opioid addiction, with the help of a $2 million boost in funding from the federal government. As reported by Delaware Online, the state Department of Health and Social Services is looking to implement a “Centers of Excellence” model – three… Read More

California Addresses Patient Brokering Scams

Patient Brokering

Unscrupulous rehab operators take advantage of the homeless As insurance providers step up to pay for rehab, unscrupulous rehab providers in California have started to take advantage of the system, luring homeless people into rehabs and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance fees. As reported in the Daily Bulletin, broke and homeless heroin addicts are worth… Read More

UPMC McKeesport Opens Integrated Addiction Recovery Unit

McKeesport, PA

New unit focuses on addiction recovery In the 15132, the opioid epidemic has hit the small town of McKeesport, PA with a grim slow toll of almost 100 deaths over the last decade while bringing uncounted misery. Just south of Pittsburgh on the Monongahela River, McKeesport has seen its population shrink from 50,000 to under 20,000 as steel… Read More

Drug Addiction Rehab Centers: What To Look For When Choosing A Program

A lot of people are unsure about what to look for when choosing a drug addiction rehab center. What type of treatment they may need, if they need detox first and if they need specialized care are all questions that will come up while they search for the right drug addiction rehab center for them or their loved… Read More