Behavioral Therapy Takes Many Different Shapes

Behavioral Therapy comes in many forms but the goal is always to affect change in someone’s behavioral habits. Some kinds of behavioral therapies are more well known than others. As a whole behavioral therapies of late have garnered much attention as being a sort of bedrock for substance abuse therapy treatment. In fact there has been a significant… Read More

The Criminal Justice System and Addiction

The criminal justice system has long considered drug abuse and at certain points in United States history alcohol abuse to be a prosecutable offense. For years jails and prisons have been bursting at the seams of people being arrested and charged and convicted of crimes of possession, or some kind of crime linked to trying to acquire an… Read More

Share Your Addiction Recovery Story, Start A Blog

After leaving an FHE’s Florida alcohol detox and treatment center it’s important to share your addiction recovery story. One of the key tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step recovery programs patterned after it is the importance of sharing one’s story. There is tremendous power in gathering together to hear and tell of the struggles that addicts… Read More

Gamify Your Recovery

Recovery is no game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use the elements of games to help us in our recoveries. What is Gamification? Gamification is the process of using elements traditionally associated with games in other areas of life. We see this all the time. Google Maps, for example uses gamification to encourage you to help them… Read More

Tips for Success at Rehab

You’ve gone through medically supervised alcohol detox. You’ve learned what it means to be sober for the first time in years. You’re scared but you also feel hopeful, because you really never thought you had the hope of sobriety ahead of you. You didn’t really believe you’d survive detox because your body had become so very dependant on… Read More

Addicted with an Unsupportive Family

There are all kinds of families out there. As society gets more comfortable with gender and sexuality stereotypes bending and breaking, we see many different ways to define “family”. It’s great because there are so many people out there who have been abandoned by family, or whose relationships have deteriorated with their biological loved ones, so they have… Read More

Are You Nervous Before Going Through Detox?

The first thing you need to know about detoxing, from any addictive substance at all, is that you need to do medically supervised alcohol or drug detox. Going through withdrawal from a drug or from alcohol on your own, or even under the supervision of well meaning loved ones, can result in horrible medical problems and can even… Read More

Your Heart will Go On

Addiction is no respecter of persons. It doesn’t pick and choose its victims, it wreaks havoc on every life it afflicts. Unfortunately, all too often the wreckage looks like relationships, old and new, close and distant, lost to those moments of brief distraction, those too-short moments when you reached and postured for something a little less painful, a… Read More

Cash and His Cocaine Blues

Johnny Cash wrote about the Cocaine Blues. He struggled with addiction to many substances, including an aggressive addiction to Cocaine, for years. Cocaine can really make a mess of your psychological well being. It can also cause some pretty scary side effects when you’re withdrawing or have taken too much. Cocaine has a lot of nicknames, coke, crank,… Read More