Stillness in Chaos by Peter Marinelli

Can we find stillness in the middle of what appears to be chaos? Can we come to the realization that perhaps God has created the chaos to drive us back to Him or perhaps it isn’t really chaos at all its just our interpretation of it and ion reality God is doing for us what we can’t do for ourselves. Perhaps God is “giving” us a huge spectacular upheaval in order to do what He needs not what we want. We often go through lives interpreting everything through the mind and Gods plan are met with fear and resistance. Until we get the idea that God maybe doing what God does we will always feel uneasy about any change. Yet when we arrive at the place where God intended us to be all seems right in the worlds, we look back on the events that went on and we realize wow I can’t believe it worked out so well. While we are going through the changes it usually doesn’t feel good and we will push pull and hold on but if God is going to move us we are going to get moved. Did God get us sober for our plans and designs or did God get us sober for His?

Why were we born in the first place? Why did God bring us here?  What’s my purpose in this life time? Great questions that we can ponder. The answer is simple to follow the dictates of a loving God to carry the vision of His will into all our activities. Then life gets right. This doesn’t mean we will not encounter life circumstances. Life happens with its joys and sorrows, yet we walk through life wearing it like a loose garment. We get involved in our life, involved in the richness of life, yet not having it wear us down.

I was moved from Texas to Florida a couple of years ago. At the outset this seemed like God dropped the ball with my life. Yet for so long I have wanted to relocate to Florida, I just didn’t know how or when that would happen. After leaving Texas and the job there it was a short time later just a couple of months when I called to Florida to work. In a month or two I was employed and now living in Florida and even better working for the best of the best.
The chaos felt real yet I turned back to God for direction and God has His plans which are always better than mine.

Can I find stillness in what appears to be chaos?


Chop wood, carry water

-Peter Marinelli





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