Staying in Touch After Rehab

Your time in FHE Health detox and rehab centers in Florida will always be a turning point in your life. As you leave our detox and wellness center, and face your life sober, don’t neglect to take an important resource with you – the people you met while you were here. Everyone needs the support and reinforcement of others to stay sober. Having a friend who you met during your South Florida rehab is invaluable, because you are both dedicated to recovery which means you share a bond that no one else can ever fully understand.

How To Keep In Touch

  • Connect over social media, having an ally in your social media diet can be a huge morale boost
  • Guest at the other person’s twelve-step or other mutual aid fellowship a couple of times a year
  • Set a standing date. If you just plan on meeting the first Saturday of every month for doughnuts, then it takes the work out of scheduling

Strength in Community

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery is never an individual process. Staying in touch with the friends you made in drug or alcohol rehab can be an important social structure to lean on, especially as you are working to establish what your new daily routine looks like. These people were at their low point at the same time as you, and it can be very inspiring and comforting to be able to compare notes as you build your way out of that pit. You have already seen each other at your most vulnerable and know that they are committed to recovery as well. Be the ally that you want to have for someone else. Sharing another person’s burden can help you process your own and together you can both bring the transformation of rehabilitation forward into your lives.

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