State of Mass. seizes 24,000 bags of heroin and $100,000 in drug raid

State of Mass. seizes 24,000 bags of heroin and $100,000 in drug raid


Multiple raids in Holyoke, Mass. led the local police department to 24,000 bags of heroin, $100,000 and 12 arrests early Thursday morning. ” Police seized high-end cars, guns, cash and an astounding $80,000 of street-valued heroin, Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni said during a press conference at the Massachusetts State Police barracks in Springfield.

Police were proud of their efforts to track down a group of local dealers in the small community of Churchill. “We really scooped up a significant organization,” Gulluni said, also stating that additional arrests are expected.

Seizures like this are not uncommon for greater Massachusetts. Noting the widespread effect of heroin, Holyoke Police Chief James Neiswanger said, “the burgeoning heroin epidemic can be felt through Western Massachusetts and the rest of the state.

Expressing concern for the community, “What you see here is the inextricable link, the marriage between violence and drugs,” Gulluni said. Holyoke, just one community in Massachusetts affected by heroin addiction is feeling the connection between the opioid epidemic and crime.

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