Stamford Hit With Fentanyl Overdoses


Overdose Victims Have Fentanyl and Other Drugs in Their Systems

As the opioid crisis continues, Stamford CT saw a sharp spike in the number of overdose deaths, driven by users with fentanyl and other drugs in their system.

As reported by the Stamford Advocate, Jessica Anderson became an emergency medical technician because she wanted to help people.

But as drug overdoses continue to rise locally, and across the nation, Anderson said it can feel like working in a “revolving door.”

“It can be very frustrating, especially when you’re responding to the same person and the same situation over and over again,” said Anderson, a Stamford EMS paramedic. “You bring this person back, you hope they’ll get help and maybe they do, but a month or two later, we’re right back where we started and we’re trying to save that person again.”

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Recently released data from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner shows fatal overdoses have steadily increased in Connecticut. The data shows many of those deaths are occurring in Connecticut’s bigger cities, including Stamford.

The data showed there were 16 fatal overdoses in Stamford in 2017. Two more Stamford residents died of overdoses in Bridgeport last year. Almost all who died, had multiple drugs in their systems.

Of those 18 deaths, 13 involved fentanyl, eight involved heroin and six involved a mixture of opiates and benzodiazepines — medications often used to treat anxiety.

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To learn more about how a deadly mix of drugs is claiming more and more lives in Stamford, CT, please visit the Stamford Advocate.

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