Springfield Officials See Dramatic Drop in Overdoses

Springfield Sees Drop in Overdoses

As 2018 data starts to be analyzed, officials in Springfield Ohio are seeing a sharp drop in the number of opioid-related overdoses – declining by as much as 70%.

As reported by the Springfield News-Sun, overdose calls in Springfield are down significantly compared to a year ago.

Springfield police responded to 795 overdoes in 2017 but are on track to respond to 242 this year — a 70 percent decrease.

“No matter what happens, I think we are looking at a dramatic reduction,” Springfield Police Chief Lee Graf said.

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Fire Chief Brian Miller notes, “We have an 80 percent reduction in the number of overdose calls than we did just one year ago. It means all these collective efforts are working.”

However he warned that the decrease doesn’t mean there isn’t an opioid problem in Clark County.

“Narcan is now widely available on the street,” Miller said. “And we are not getting some of the data because no public safety agency is called to the scene. They are medicated privately. So that does kind of cloud our numbers a little bit.”

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To learn more about encouraging overdose trends in Springfield, Ohio, please visit the Springfield News-Sun.

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