Son of NBC’s David Feherty Dies From Overdose

Son of NBC’s David Feherty Dies From Overdose

NBC Sports and Golf Channel’s David Feherty lost his son, Shey, to an overdose on his 29th birthday.
“My first born son is gone from me, dying from an overdose on his 29th birthday. Bless his sweet heart, I will fight on,” Feherty wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Shey was our beautiful and charismatic son and brother,” reads the obituary. “His beautiful blue eyes could captivate a room, but they could not stare down the enemy that lurked in the shadows and prevent it from reaching out to grab him in his darkest time. Shey fought hard to win his battles with drug addiction and mental illness, but in the end the monsters won… but through our heartbreak we share Shey’s story in the hope that it will touch another person who may battle with addiction either for themselves or for a loved one. Please know there is no shame in asking for help. Our Shey is gone from us now, but you can help us keep his light shining and focused if you reach out to another who suffers.

Feherty, 58, has also been open about his own personally battle with drugs, alcohol and depression.
“Our deepest condolences go out to David Feherty and his family on the passing of his oldest son, Shey,” said a Golf Channel statement. “Family means everything to David, and his Gold Channel, NBC Sports and extended television family send their love and support at this difficult time.”

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