So Grateful by Peter Marinelli

I reflect during this time of the year on where my life was and has been taken too.

In June of 1988 I entered my seventh treatment center as I was suffering from full blown alcoholism. I had very little hope and much desperation. Interesting how being desperate can breathe life into hope. I had no idea if I was going to live or die.

My family was suffering from the effects of addiction and one might say that we all became very sick. Addiction has no mercy on anyone connected with the addict or alcoholic. Through a series of circumstances (Devine intervention) I made a plea and a pray to God: saying I dint want to die and was thus catapulted into a new way of life. It began with treatment number seven followed by an horrendous detox.

I found myself quickly willing do anything to get well, however this illness had other intentions. Almost six months to the day into sobriety I   was feeling a need to drink because living sober without a solid spiritual way of living was having its negative affects and life was again becoming impossible. Again I made a plea and a prayer to God and was met by recovering folks whose life was immersed in the 12 steps. I began my journey of “getting recovered”.

In 1988 I walked the street in New York with soiled clothes holes in my shoes and weighed far too less for anyone to be healthy. Alcoholism had ravaged my body and was deteriorating my mind. God in His infinite mercy heard my plea and place me in treatment and into a 12 step fellowship. Members of the fellowship rallied around me and put me back together. I have not had a drink or drug since.

I currently live in south Florida doing what I love to do for a living working for a company that I love going to work for and working with people who are wonderful. My life is none of business any longer and that suits me just fine.

My life continues to be put back together with the love of God the recovering community and family.

How bout sobriety! How bout God!


Chop wood, carry water

-Peter Marinelli

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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