So Are The Days of Our Lives

When in the process of addiction recovery, it can be very tempting to focus only on the most immediate tasks and goals. There is a lot of emotional work to be done, so it’s not uncommon for an individual recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol to let their perspective slide to only the nearest horizons – what’s the next place I need to be, etc. After all, you learned at FHE Deerfield Beach rehab that you have to take things just one step at a time while you get back on your feet. And that advice is spot on. But eventually, you should start letting yourself day dream a little and get inspired by the future. A life of only short term goals tends to feel very empty. Superficial. We need those distant horizons to buoy our spirits and give contour to our life beyond the daily grind. Here are some ideas for using long term goals to aid your healing process.

Keep notes

Pick a long-term goal and then figure out how you want to track progress towards it (saving up for a trip or luxury is an easy one to track as are fitness goals). Keep a little goal journal and every night mark off how much progress toward your goal you made.

Bring it up in small talk

The immediacy of your recovery can make it hard to think of interesting things to say when you need to make small talk. Show who you are by showing where you want to go. You are more than your present struggle, you are living in progress.

Harness that inspiration

Find a picture that is representative of your goal and stick it somewhere you can’t escape it: bathroom mirror, front door jamb, dashboard – wherever you need a lift. Reminding yourself of why you’re working so hard on your sobriety is very important.

Humans are not robots, we do not thrive just focused on doing the same things over and over again. We need to find that higher vantage point and see our goals in our future to give meaning to our day to day struggles.

The FHE Deerfield Beach halfway houses are considered the best halfway houses in Florida and offer transitional and sober housing. Your time there taught you so much about the need to go one step at a time, but also how to look forward.


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