New Showtime Series “The Trade” Is An Intense Look At Addiction

The Trade

Director of ‘Cartel Land’ provides access to the frontlines of the opioid epidemic

Director Matthew Heineman’s previous documentary on the opioid crisis, Cartel Land, won the George Polk Award for documentary film in 2016. The prize is meant to honor reporters who advanced vital national conversations with their masterful investigative reporting.

Now his latest work, entitled “The Trade”, is about to air on Showtime, and it is every bit as powerful.

As described by The Hollywood Reporter, The Trade is lacerating, heartbreaking and current. The Trade is, for want of a better description, an unscripted version of Traffic, cutting between at least three narratives that through two hours are parallel but not yet intersecting, at least not literally. Symbolically, it’s all part of a cycle. It’s all in the game.

In each location, the common threads are drugs and desperation. In Mexico, we see villages fighting poverty and children who look to Don Miguel as a Santa Claus or Robin Hood figure, distributing toys and providing the only opportunities in the local economy. In Columbus, we see in-over-their-heads law enforcement figures facing an enemy that comes from all directions and that keeps offering newer and more desperate highs that people are willing to throw their lives away for. And in Atlanta and Akron, we see those insatiable appetites and we see love, frustrated and thwarted and disappointed love.

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