Should I Attend a Dual Diagnosis Program?

A dual diagnosis program refers to a treatment plan that aims at dealing with co-occurring disorders. These disorders may be a drug or alcohol abuse problem and mental illness. The mental problems can be anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bi-polar, as well as a drug abuse problem. When there are various problems other than an addiction, then treatment centers propose a dual diagnosis program that will help treat all these problems appropriately.So why attend these programs?A program for purely drug treatment and therapy may not work effectively as some other underlying causes and triggers have not been addressed. Such a dual diagnosis therapy focuses and specializes on treating the disorders, as well as the addiction.

Reduce Risk of Relapse

Treatment of people who have mental or emotional disorders and who are also addicts should be done using dual diagnosis programs. Treating all the problems is more effective in reducing the risk of relapse. Studies have shown that if the dual diagnosis approach is not taken, the risk of relapse is higher. Further, the suicide and violence rate also reduces when the dual diagnosis treatment approach is taken rather than the traditional therapy that focuses on addiction treatment alone.

Dual Diagnosis Is More Common Than You Think

Studies have established that 1 of 2 individuals who are suffering from some form of mental illness are also fighting drug or alcohol addiction. The mental disorders/illnesses defined include depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or just anxiety. Most people who have such emotional or mental problems often turn to alcohol or drugs to try to escape the frustration. They self-medicate with drugs and alcohol and eventually get addicted and cannot control drinking or the need to get a fix.

Dual diagnosis therapy is therefore the answer in these cases as counselors and doctors work hand in hand to determine the mental or emotional problem/disorder, and then establish its severity for eventual treatment.

It’s Life Changing

Yes, you should attend a dual diagnosis program as it’s life changing.

Confusion, psychological disorientation and emotional instability, are just a few overwhelming emotions that drug addicts with mental disorders suffer. Nevertheless, all this can be patiently turned into hope, sobriety, mental stability, control of ones emotion and value for oneself and others when the dual diagnosis programs are carried out by people who care and have the expertise.

So, seek out treatment centers that have dual diagnosis programs, as it will be worth it emotionally, mentally and can result in long-term sobriety.

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