Sheriffs Arrest Child Molester, Drug Dealer In Polk County

There are some bad people in the world, and it’s always good to hear about the police catching one of them. One such man is James McArthur Johnson, 33, of Winter Haven. His rap sheet is littered with foul crimes like robbery, armed trafficking of heroin, impregnating a child under 16, and sexual battery.

He was picked up in the last week of June, after sheriff’s deputies tailed a man who quickly approached then left Johnson’s house, who then shortly admitted to police that he bought drugs from Johnson. This gave them cause to arrest him once he came outside and left his door open, and the police swept the house under the pretense of making sure there were no minors inside. After seeing drugs in the house they were given a search warrant, and found methamphetamine and other drugs, as well as weapons. No word on when a court date will be set yet.


When the Polk County Sheriff’s Office showed up to arrest 33-year-old James McArthur Johnson last week for twice impregnating a teenager, they knew they might run into heroin, methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana dealer.

That also happened to be James McArthur Johnson of Winter Haven, the sheriff’s office says. That’s why Johnson has been charged with 84 counts of 10 crimes and sits in Polk County Jail on $403,000 bond.

To break down Johnson’s charges, there’s one count of these crimes: sexual activity by a person over 24 with a 16- or 17-year-old victim; a person over 21 impregnating a child under 16; lewd and lascivious battery on a victim between 12 and 16; armed trafficking in heroin; possession with intent to sell heroin; possession of marijuana with intent to sell; felony possession of marijuana; possession of a structure with the intent of selling drugs; and possession of marijuana. Click Here to Continue Reading

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