She Cries by Marion Weston

Often women come into sober living with so much pain from their past, and one of the issues that has become a bit of a “soapbox” for me is domestic violence. Yet they heal. They heal as result of the “healing Power” of God, that these wonderful women who have lost their way get to find and experience. No longer having to suffer from the pain of addiction or the lifestyle that goes with it.

I have witnessed this healing in our Women’s Sober Living Program at FHE Health.
Women who have lost their way, have found their way, through the only way – which is God and the 12 steps.
We get to see tears of pain turn into tears of joy.

A God of my understanding, through prayer and meditation, (and my guitar) gave me this song titled “She Cries”

She holds her dreams locked deep inside
Shadows and shame , nowhere to hide
The scars to prove just how much,
cuts so deep how could this be love
till one more drop of water, that took it to overflow,
the pain much greater than any joy, then she had ever known
cause no one walked in her shoes ,
 no one would understand,
 how she could give her life away,
 and power to just one man, now
she lives, and she breathes,
 she knows just who she is,
 and she’s light, and she’s love,
 she heals and she forgives,
she moves with Grace, and she sees Gods face, and still…
She Cries.
Now her arms are open wide, surrendered to the changing tide
Tears of joy fall like rain, she’s finally coming home again.
Embracing everlasting love, storms rage, her choice is made,
 She hears a voice that whispers, child don’t be afraid, now

“Turning scars into stars”
Marion Weston
FHE Health Sober Living Program

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