Send A Friend Some Love

Make a Care Package or Write a Letter and Send It To a Friend

Maybe it seems counterintuitive but when you get back from intensive inpatient treatment and you’re feeling nervous about reconnecting with the outside world, and the people you love, an easy way to ease back into it is to start by picking someone you love who doesn’t live close by, and sending them some thoughtful mail. It’s the tiniest thing, but it automatically connects you with someone you care about, there’s no pressure because they don’t even know the care package, gift, or letter is coming, and you know they’ll be happy to see it. Seriously, who doesn’t love getting real mail? It’s such a novelty these days!


Be Thoughtful

Remember who they are. Think about what they are struggling with in life. It doesn’t have to be addiction. Everyone has their own struggles that feel overwhelming to them. Remember that part of compassion is taking people where they are while keeping in mind their context. Where have they been? What are their goals? What makes them worry and what brings them joy and peace? When you think about each side of a person like that it also reminds you how multifaceted someone is it helps you learn to care for yourself in the same way, keeping in mind your own personal complexity as you move about your day.


Caring For Your Friends is Caring for Yourself

Surprising a friend helps you both feel less lonely. It reminds you that you have loved ones who love you and whom you love. As you think about what to write in a letter or send in a care package you are physically keeping busy. The project gives you a very short term project, and you are flexing all of the important compassion and care muscles that you will need so very profoundly for yourself as you continue through recovery. Houses in Florida, like anyone’s home, can be easily turned into a place to hide away after going to an alcohol and drug detox center. But sending your friend some mail, a care package, out into the world, out of Florida, even out of the states, can make you feel a little more connected to not just your friend but also to the world. Just the distance the package or letter will go from you to your friend is a kind of extension of you.


Giving really does feel better than receiving.

But receiving feels pretty good too. Sending your friend a thoughtful gift can make you feel so much less lonely. Thinking deeply about someone you care about can take you out of your own head. Your friend will receive your gift and will likely feel cared for and loved. There’s nothing better than giving that gift to the people you care about.

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