Dennis Rodman in Rehab

Dennis Rodman

Former NBA star pulled over for DUI, enters rehab

Dennis Rodman, the colorful and well-known NBA star, was pulled over for DUI charges this weekend and now is in rehab.

As reported in US Magazine, Rodman checked into an alcohol rehabilitation center on Wednesday, January 17, days after getting a DUI. Rodman’s agent, Darren Prince, said that the NBA star is seeking treatment at Turning Point Rehabilitation Center in Paterson, New Jersey.

Like so many others struggling with addiction, Rodman is apparently on a cycle of rehab and relapse. Back in July 2016, witnesses told TMZ that they reportedly saw Rodman drink at a karaoke bar before he caused a car accident while driving on the wrong side of the road in Orange County. He wasn’t charged with a DUI, but was placed under probation then.

Rodman has checked himself into rehab before. He went to an undisclosed alcohol rehabilitation center for alcoholism in January 2014. (Additionally, he appeared on season 3 of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.)

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