Rochester’s Map of Opioid Devastation

Rochester Overdoses

February Is Deadly in Rochester Area

Rochester area officials have been mapping a wave of recent overdoses, and the statistics are grim as February brought 84 overdoses and 16 fatalities.

As reported by the Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester and surrounding Monroe County have been slammed by a wave of overdoses so far this year that shows no signs of letting up. Overdoses occurred in 12 towns, villages and cities.

The data came from county law enforcement officials and was analyzed by the Monroe Crime Analysis Center (MCAC).

January saw 92 overdoses, with 14 fatalities, according the MCAC analysis.

The monthly report, which includes some demographic data is provided to local law enforcement.

The map through Feb. 25 showed 19 overdoses (three fatalities) in the previous week. The site also has a map with cumulative totals from Jan. 1. Overdose fatalities are marked by a red diamond shapes and non-fatal overdoses are marked by a blue diamond shape.

“The pin map is to give a visual representation to the public about what kind of problem we’re facing,” said Lt. Andrew DeLyser, opioid command post incident commander for the Monroe County Heroin task force. “We can say we have this many overdoses here, this many overdoses here. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. … We’re hoping to portray the scope of the problem to people.”

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To read more about how the Rochester area is reeling from a wave of overdoses, please visit the Democrat & Chronicle.

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