Rob Ford Comes Clean About Crack Use

The Case of Denial

Rob FordDenial is an essential part of the addiction process but eventually the addict will come to terms with their addiction. Rod Ford, the mayor of Toronto, has come clean and admitted to using crack while on a drunken binge. His family has also come out to support him in this claim. The problem with the admission is that this is common of many addicts. They claim to only have done a drug once because of this reason and that reason when it fact they’re slowly becoming addicted. The lies pile up because the addict is in serious denial of their use or feel they have too much to lose by coming clean.

His family also seems to be in denial by blaming his weight and saying things like:

“Robbie’s not a drug addict,” added Kathy Ford (his sister). “I know because I’m a former addict — or an addict if you’d want to say” — and her brother “couldn’t function” if he were hooked on booze or drugs.

“If you want to consider binge drinking once every three months and you get totally plastered, which he just makes a fool out of himself … fine,” she said. And while her brother “does not drink every night,” when he does consume alcohol, he goes “full tilt.”

On Friday, Ford’s closest ally, brother Doug, continued to staunchly defend his sibling. The city councillor told a Toronto radio station that “Rob (should) seek a little bit of counseling,” go on vacation for a week or two, and lose 50 or 60 pounds.

Does Rob Ford Needs Addiction Treatment?

Celebrities, politicians and other high profile individuals have a hard time coming to terms with their addictions and seeking treatment because there’s a high level of expectations and a lot to lose. The pressures and stress of being looked up to can really get to these people. Rob Ford may have a room full of enablers who are telling him that he’s not addicted and that occasional binge drinking and smoking crack when he’s stressed doesn’t mean he’s addicted. It’s hard to see that you have a real problem when people are telling you that you don’t. Sometimes the people we trust the most are the ones who are harming us and helping fuel our addiction further. Rarely do people smoke crack once and not try it again. If Ford is addicted he should enter rehab for his crack cocaine and alcohol addiction.

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