Residential Rehab for Men

The path to recovery is different for both men and women

residential rehabilitation Residential rehabs for men offer the very best in treatment by addressing the issues that pertain to men in addiction. Personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment makes all of the difference in recovery. For this reason residential rehab programs for men only offer a specialized and effect rehab experience for men. Residential rehab for men usually lasts from 28 – 30 days. During this time you will be living in a residential sober facility with other male rehab residents. You will be in a safe and sober environment that has (in most cases) 24/7 medical and staff supervision. There is an emphasis on sober living and the education of addiction. You will learn the in’s and out’s of addiction and how you can learn to cope with your addiction. Inpatient residential rehab is a structure program in which you will stick to a daily schedule and actively work at your rehabilitation. Treatment modalities include group, individual therapy and educational groups on topics such as parenting, communication, relationship issues, and anger management and family dynamics. Specialized treatment, specific to male issues, peer bonding and relapse prevention, in natural residential settings makes residential rehab for men more effective. 

 Three stages of treatment for residential rehab for men

During the course of the client’s treatment experience, he will participate in process groups, assignment groups, the peer evaluation process, recovery education groups and individual counseling. The clients attend 12-Step meetings, individual therapy, group therapy, spiritual meetings, exercise group, holistic treatments and much more.

Residential rehab for men offers 30, 60 and 90 day treatment program options. A typical residential rehab program for men can include three stages of treatment. The initial phase of treatment, they participate in a highly-structured program, which focuses on skill building and the changing of attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that could lead them back to drugs, alcohol and criminal behavior. The second treatment phase provides participants with opportunities to practice their new skills through vocational training and other pro-social activities, both in and out of the program.  They seek housing, employment, reunification with family, build strong outside support systems, and many strengthen their recovery through service work. After a successful transition back into the community, clients participate in an outpatient aftercare program for six more months.

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