Rehabs In Rural Communities Generate Hope and Concern

Rural Rehabs

Port Jarvis, NY Struggles Where to Open Additional Rehabs

Where to put rehabs in rural communities? In Port Jarvis NY, as rehab centers look to increase their presence in this rural community, residents have mixed feeling about where these centers should operate.

As reported by Spectrum Local News, in Port Jervis, a town of 8,800 right at the meeting point of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, Spectrum News polled several people on a debate that has forced many to think outside their comfort zones.

Most residents we spoke with believe in the science of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for addicts. They are at odds, though, over where exactly in their town a treatment center should be.

The city recently shot down plans for Cornerstone Family Healthcare to set up a treatment center at 123 Pike Street in the city’s downtown area, and suggested it find a lower-profile location.

“I think heroin is the biggest issue with this town right now,” Post Jervis resident Anthony Cole said.

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A smaller-scale methadone clinic operated by Restorative Management Corporation already exists in the Pike Street building. Office manager Diana Hutchinson said the clinic had about 125 visits last week, and that if Cornerstone – a competitor – were allowed to set up shop in the building, it would be exactly what this ailing community needs.

“We just want to treat,” Hutchinson said. “We’re not thinking about competition. We’re thinking about helping people.”

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To learn more about how one rural town in New York is struggling with where to open additional rehabs, please visit Spectrum Local News.

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