Rehabs in Florida

Rehabs in Florida have helped countless individuals with their battle against addiction. Addiction is a powerful disease and fighting it alone proves impossible for many people. Rehabs in Florida provide the help addicts need and provide them with the tools for future success. There is no better place to seek addiction treatment than in a rehab in Florida.

Rehabs in Florida are not all alike. With so many rehabs in Florida, the variety of program types, lengths and treatment methods offer something for everyone. Some rehabs in Florida offer longer programs than others. In the past, 28-day programs were the norm, but studies have shown that longer programs are more effective in the long run for clients. Rehabs in Florida may offer only one level of care to clients, while others will offer multiple. Inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and sober living are all examples of the levels of treatment clients can seek out. Rehabs in Florida offering multiple levels of care are generally more successful because they offer clients the opportunity to slowly graduate to lower levels of care while still in a controlled environment. Rehabs in Florida also offer different specialized treatment programs. Gender specific treatment, dual diagnosis, professionals programs and family programs are a few examples of specialized treatment programs found in rehabs in Florida. There are many rehabs in Florida now offering holistic approaches to treatment as well. Holistic treatment options can include such activities as chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, yoga, fitness and nutrition. Holistic treatment has been proven to help clients manage stress, anxiety and cravings.

Going to rehab in Florida is a great choice for many reasons. To begin with, leaving home for a new location gives clients the chance to escape their daily routine and home environment. Oftentimes when an individual wants to make a major life change, the stressors and responsibilities of daily life at home can make it difficult. Getting away from home and being able to focus 100% on their recovery gives them a much better chance at success.  Going to rehab in Florida also give clients the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wonderful recovery community. With so many rehabs in Florida, the recovery community is growing each day. There are hundreds of meetings, workshops and support networks available. There are also hundreds of sober living communities in the area for clients who need a bit of extra support adjusting back to independent life after treatment. Getting involved in a thriving recovery community of likeminded individuals is extremely beneficial for many people and the recovery community in Florida is one of the best in the country.

At FHE Health we offer clients long-term treatment with an emphasis on the family system. Our programs include residential treatment, day treatment, outpatient treatment, gender specific treatment, dual diagnosis, sober living and alumni and aftercare programs. If you or a loved one is considering attending a rehab in Florida, please call us now at 844-299-0618.

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