Rehab, There and Back Again

It’s hard for anyone to see themselves clearly and honestly enough to realize that they have an addiction to drugs or a problem with alcohol abuse. The whole reason someone gets hooked by a substance is because it makes them feel good somehow. It fills some kind of need. It’s scary to admit that you need help and even harder to ask for it and take it.


When you’ve gone through rehab, and are transitioning back into the world, you may find it hard to get your footing. Your life may feel like someone else organized it, prioritized it, designed it. You may not really even recognize yourself in the mirror. Last time you stood in this spot you were buried under your drug abuse or alcohol addiction. Maybe in that moment everything felt hopeless and you felt broken.


Everyone Does Deserve a Sober Life

Rehab taught you that everyone deserves a sober life. But as you look around you perhaps you feel shame. Maybe you feel anger toward yourself, for the decisions you’ve made or how your mistakes have affected your loved ones. It’s easy to lose your footing. Sometimes people end up back in rehab, and if that’s where you are now, remember – Everyone deserves a sober life.

If you’ve been through a rehab treatment facility and you think you might need to go back, take action now. Call your support system and then call rehab. The thing is, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to admit that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Once you’re at rehab again, be honest with the licensed medical staff about your triggers and cravings. Be as honest with yourself as possible and you get back on the road to sober life, and as vulnerable as you need to be to heal and learn.


Getting Back Up

Sometimes you just need another try. Just know that there is no shortage of opportunity for you to keep getting back up again and headed in the right direction. Don’t ever let a mistake make you feel like you can’t get started again. Don’t let pride get in your way. Make sure your number one priority is your sobriety.

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