Regulating your Emotions

Let your emotions break through in a healthy way:

Now that you’re listening to your emotions, letting them live with you, learning about yourself through them instead of fighting them – now that you’re seeing an awesome therapist who helps you feel connected to yourself and guides you through patterns in your life – helping you connect different parts of your story and understanding yourself better- since you’ve taken up mindfulness meditation and you’ve started understanding ways to calm yourself down in high tense situations you’re probably noticing that you’re more honest with those around you about your emotions. You tell people when you’re feeling unhappy, disappointed or angry, but you do it in a gentle and productive way. You have conversations with people when there’s a problem instead of avoiding conflict. You find that you think about what is happening in other people’s lives when trying to understand their behavior because you now understand that emotions are complicated, always nuanced and always based on a whole lot of different things. Emotions don’t happen in a vacuum. One moment at the beginning of a day can change the way a person reacts to anything that comes their way that day. We’ve all experienced that. You start to think about that before judging another person’s emotions.

Emotional intelligence is the kind of tool in your recovery tool belt that is like having a skeleton key in an old house. It can open all of the doors. There are a lot of aspects to recovery but if you can regulate your emotions in a healthy way, your recovery will be so much more manageable. You’ll start to see those who have harmed you within their context. You’ll think about their families, what you know of their struggles in life. You’ll find your empathy and it will also likely inform your reactions to people, and change your relationships for the better


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