Age does not determine addiction. Teenagers and preteens can face the struggles that addiction presents. Knowing the symptoms of a potential problem in adolescence can help you help them.
Signs of Teenage Addiction
Sudden drop in grades – addiction will cause a student to shift focus from studies to the substance or action that drives the addict.
Change in friends – the student will begin to seek out others that accept the behaviors that the addiction requires.
Physical changes – staggered walks, trouble sleeping or laziness and a change in complexion can all be signs that the student is involved in drug or alcohol addiction.
Temper tantrums – a sudden increase in angry outbursts shows a struggle in the life of the student that needs to be addressed immediately.
Experts predict that almost two-thirds of all teen have experimented with illicit drugs. When alcohol and prescription drugs are included then the rates increase even more. Adults need to understand the symptoms of addiction and watch for major shifts in attitude and behavior of the young people around them.

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