Recognizing an Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Even the things that are helpful can be addictive and it can be important to learn how to recognize an addiction to prescription drugs. Drugs that are meant to make things easier can be misused and overused so that they become more of a hindrance than a help. The staff at The Florida House Experience provides recovery programs that address all types of addictions.

Signs of an Addiction to Prescription Drugs

– look for needle marks or scars from where the drugs have been injected instead of ingested.
– watch for the symptoms of prescription drug usage (check the warning labels of all prescription medications).
– check the eyes of the user for pinpoint pupils.
– recognize the need to use the prescription drugs in a way not recommended by the physician that prescribed the medication in the first place.

Medications that are meant to help can become addictive when used incorrectly. Learning how to recognize an addiction to prescription drugs can make it possible to find the path to recovery before it gets too far out of control.

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