Recognize the States of Drug Use

Addiction comes in levels for most addicts. The rare event is a person that tries something once and becomes fully addicted. Understanding the levels associated with drug use can help you recognize the rising possibility of addiction.
The Stages of Drug Use:

  1. Experimentation – people try the drug to see what it has to offer or because others around them are using. It is just a taste or a test and not intended to happen on a regular basis.
  2. Social Use – the drug becomes a normal part of the party routine, but not to the point of consuming thoughts, actions or finances. It is more about the social situation than about the need for the drug.
  3. Regular Use – the drug begins to get more attention and the user may take the drug even when alone. There is still some level of control, but this is the point when the early warning signs of isolation and withdrawal from relationships first begin to show.
  4. Full Blown Dependence – at this stage the drug dictates the life.

Addiction may come in levels, but it can still come on quick. Be on the lookout for changes in the behavior and attitude of the people around you.


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