7 Reasons to Be Thankful in Recovery

Reasons to be thankful in recovery - 7 reasons

Addiction takes over countless lives, often leaving many lost in its vicious cycle of withdrawals, cravings, and control. Hopelessness and fear are very common feelings for drug abusers. There is the thought that life cannot be lived without their drug of choice. This, however, is far from the truth. It is certainly possible to get help and learn to let go of your drug addiction. In fact, seeking help is necessary in order to regain control of your own life and start living addiction-free.

Drug rehab reveals the possibility that a life free from substances is in reach. You just have to take hold of the opportunity and be willing to let go of your substance use.  It also teaches you how you can be thankful in recovery and how you can take advantage of the new opportunities that your sobriety gives you. Let’s take a look at a few of those reasons to be thankful in recovery.

Reasons to be thankful in recovery

A Fresh Start

One of the greatest feelings in the world for someone in recovery is coming out of the fog brought on by drugs and alcohol. Once in recovery, your mind is clearer, your senses become heightened, and you feel more alive than before.

Getting sober gives you the ability to start over and live your life the way that you want to, not the way the drugs and alcohol dictated it.  This new sense of control has given you the ability to take that dream vacation, try a new activity, or go for that dream job position. Even if you have done something 100 times before, it will feel like a brand new experience doing it sober. It can feel like you see life through a new lens because you are finally able to do everything with a clear mind again.


One of the ways you can fully accomplish that fresh start is through reconciliation. Chances are that you probably hurt some people while you were abusing alcohol or drugs. You may have totally shut out friends or family members, or caused strain on those relationships.

While you can’t expect forgiveness from everyone right away, you can certainly do things to help the process. This also doesn’t mean you have to go around apologizing to everyone you ever met either. The key to reconciliation is working on yourself, admitting when you did wrong, acknowledging it, and apologizing for it. At first, this can all be quite overwhelming. However, self-reflection and reconciliation is a big part of the recovery process.

Guilt-Free Fun

When you were drinking and using drugs, having fun meant getting loaded up and likely making bad decisions. Then, the next day, you probably had to deal with the consequences of those decisions, if you even remembered what you did in the first place. People who suffer from addiction go through life without remembering a lot of what happens in their lives.

If you have a family, that could mean you missed out on or even ruined for others important life events like birthdays and graduations. One of the best things about sobriety is that you can now have fun and actually remember it. Not only that, but you can do things that are not only fun for you but also to those around you. You can again create memories with those you love. The best part is, since you are sober and your brain is clear, you will actually be able to remember and cherish those fun times. This is certainly a reason to get sober today through drug rehab.

Help Others

When you are suffering from addiction, you are usually completely self-consumed. The only thing you are worried about is staying drunk or high and where you are going to get your next fix. Chances are you really aren’t worried about anyone else while under the influence or seeking to get under the influence again.

A big part of the recovery process is to be there for others that are also suffering from addiction. When you go to AA, you have a sponsor. This is someone who is there to help you through the entire process of getting sober, to hold you accountable and listen to you as you struggle through to freedom. You can take everything you learn and pass that on to someone else that might be struggling with sobriety. The feeling you get when you help someone get and stay sober is very rewarding. In fact, knowing that you helped someone live a better life may be the most powerful feeling in the world.

Positive Thinking

It is crucial in drug rehab to learn to think positively. When you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, you can feel at times like the world is out to get you. Since you aren’t able to think clearly while using these substances, your mind can sometimes go to some very negative places.

Removing those substances from your life can also remove a lot of the negativity. When you are sober, you can better handle things that are thrown at you. You realize that no, in fact, the world is not out to get you. You can find the positives in situations and learn from them. Thinking positively is also linked to greater life satisfaction, greater health, and improved relationships, all of which can help you to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life free from substances.

Friends and Family

You might have thought you had friends when you were an addict, but were they really your friends? Chances are they were just hanging out with you for the drugs and alcohol. When you are sober, you begin to see people for who they really are. That might mean that you lose those friends when you go to drug rehab, but in the process, you gain real friends.

Sobriety also provides the opportunity to reconnect with your family and friends that you might have alienated while you were using. It’s important to be grateful for the people who mean the most to you in your life and to not waste your time thinking about those you left behind.

Ability To Work

Holding down a job makes you a productive and contributing member of society, which can be one of the most fulfilling feelings. By keeping your mind busy, not only do you take your thoughts away from substance use, but it also gives you a reason to get up in the morning.

Keeping a job gives you something to remind you why you are fighting to get clean. A job can represent life after recovery, and to many addicts that can be the light at the end of the tunnel that helps keep them on the road to recovery.

Are You In Need of Drug Rehab in Florida?

There are countless reasons to be thankful for your sobriety. The important part is to remember those reasons during the times you might be struggling. Nobody said the road to recovery was going to be easy. The key is to be grateful for your second chance and to live life to the fullest every day.

Are you tired of feeling bad about your life? Are you ready to change it? Has reading any of this made you realize that you want to be a better person and lead a better life? Well, it’s not too late to get sober through drug rehab. At FHE Health, we know that suffering from drug addiction is not easy to overcome. We will teach you how to live a thankful life without any substances hindering you. Choose life today and contact us today at (844) 299-0618.

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