Real Friends Don’t Let Friends DUI

Every year thousands of people die in car crashes as a result of someone’s irresponsible refusal  to hand over their keys to a designated driver. They drink or get high and step into the driver’s seat like it’s safe, like they are not endangering themselves and even more so, everyone around them on the road.


The kicker is that when you’re drunk, you’re more likely to survive great trauma. When you get in an accident, including one that is bad enough to be fatal, you are less likely to be the one to get hurt or die because your body is more capable of remaining stable due to its relaxed state and an instinctual enhancement of resilience against a stress hormone released during severe injury. When a sober body experiences trauma it tenses up and releases hormones that can turn off certain receptors in the brain, making it difficult for the body to heal. The phenomenon isn’t fully understood. Biologists are still studying the hormone and the way intoxication affects its release. It seems like the more drunk a person is, the more likely they are to survive.  It’s a cruel reality to those who have been in an alcohol related accident. Both for victims and those who drove drunk.


End the Addiction Before it’s too Late

If you or someone you know are addicted to drugs and alcohol, you may have already felt the devastating results of unchecked addiction. It can change the way a person acts, stop a career in its tracks, and completely deteriorate the most important relationships in your life, and in the case of drinking and driving, it can kill more than just you.  

For those who are suffering from addiction and seeking addiction recovery in Florida, call us at (844) 299-0618. We can tell you more about our intensive inpatient treatment, or about our outpatient detox programs. We are dedicated to your health and wellbeing and can help guide you down the first steps on your road to recovery.


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