2 Former Heroin Addicts Share Their Stories of Recovery

Project Unbroken

Childhood Friends From Delaware Offer Positive Inspiration for Beating Addiction

Greg Morrison and Matthew Miller were childhood friends who became addicted to heroin and eventually became clean. Now they are sharing hope to others through a new project.

Greg and Matt were best friends growing up. The type of friendship where when one of them was there, people knew the other wasn’t far behind.

After about 10 years of friendship, they found themselves caught up in a heroin addiction that all started from “harmless experimentation” with prescription painkillers in their late teens.

Their heroin addiction lasted for a few years until Matt was able to separate himself from Greg. Matt made the unfortunate realization that the addiction would never end if they continued being friends, as they would constantly drag each other deeper into the depths of addiction. Overnight they went from being best friends and hanging out every single day to not speaking for over 5 years.

Now 10 years after Matt and Greg went their separate ways Matt is almost 10 years clean from heroin and Greg is about 7 years clean from heroin.

They are both now fathers, engaged, successful business owners, have totally transformed their health and have built positive relationships and habits. They now push each other in positive ways with health, business and positive habits.

After noticing that people were always asking questions about how they made such a turn around after drugs and heroin addiction, they decided to start Project Unbroken.

This project details their journey through addiction, recovery and success in life after heroin addiction.

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