Recognizing someone that has become addicted to prescription medications can be tough. You get caught between knowing there is a problem and wanting to believe the person just needs help.
The well adaptive addict can find ways to get an acceptable high. That person will search for a doctor that will prescribe the right medication to fit the need or desire. Most people consider the search for a prescribing doctor or vising multiple doctors to get necessary supple to be doctor shopping.
Signs of Prescription Addiction
• The person changes doctors frequently.
• The person does not reveal all existing medications to the new doctor.
• The person lies to you about the number of appointments or prescriptions that exist.
• The person tries to hide visits to the doctor.
Volunteer to drive to the appointments so that you can be aware of what doctors are being seen. Try to sit in on the appointment if possible. Be concerned if deception or denial becomes a part of the situation. Prescription drugs can be a dangerous addiction for everyone involved.

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