Preparing to Attend a Long Term Facility

Many steps will be needed to prepare for long term rehabilitation to recover from addiction. The staff at FHE Health can give you the tips you need to make the appropriate plans. Preparing for Long Term Rehab 1. Make arrangements with work to be away for the necessary time. Most places of employment will provide leave without pay for recovery. 2. Find the finances that you will need to complete your long term rehabilitation. Start with your insurance. Some medical insurance policies offer some coverage for recovery stays. 3. Work out your payments and bills. Most of your monthly expenses will continue even when you are away. You may need to give someone you trust temporary authority to write checks to cover the bills. It may also be possible to call the lenders and work out a hold on your payments until after your return from your rehabilitation stay. Recovery is a long term process. Make the most of your rehabilitation stay by reducing the worries you might have for things back at home. These few steps can be the best beginning when it comes to preparing for a long term rehabilitation stay.

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