Pregnant Philadelphia Woman Hospitalized After Narcan Overdose


Pregnant Philadelphia Woman Hospitalized After Narcan Overdose

Two SEPTA (Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority) police officers, Kevin Dougherty and Shakeena Watkins, saved the life of a pregnant woman from an overdose twice in one day.

Dougherty and Watkins were patrolling the Alleghany Station area in Kensington, Philadelphia, around 4 pm on Monday when they were approached by a passerby who said they saw a pregnant female who was unconscious, and suspected an overdose.

The two officers responded immediately and gave Narcan to the woman, approximately 7 months pregnant, twice before she regained consciousness. Narcan, the brand-name version of Naloxone, is an antidote used to reverse the effects of opioids such as heroin and prescription pain pills.

“At that time, the Philadelphia Fire Department came over to the location and she refused their services. She didn’t want to go to the hospital. She didn’t want any kind of medical treatment. She got up and left the area.”

Just 45 minutes later, the two officers saw the woman again, unconscious on a sidewalk at Kensington and Alleghany Avenues. This time, paramedics picked her up and drove her to the hospital, her life being saved yet again that day.

“It’s devastating, absolutely devastating,” said Fox. “It’s heartbreaking to see this happen. I am a father, I can only think about my own children… it’s a terrible issue.”

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