Small PA Town Suffers Big Tragedy As Son and Mother Overdose

Portage PA

Mother dies as a result of making contact with her son’s drug paraphernalia

Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees said Theresa Plummer, 69, found her son, Ronald Plummer, 45, unresponsive in the bathroom Nov. 5.

He was taken to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown for a suspected overdose.

Then in a heartbreaking turn of events, Mrs. Plummer came in contact with a deadly dose while cleaning up her son’s drug paraphernalia in the bathroom.

The coroner believes she likely absorbed a substance through her skin or had some sort of reaction to the paraphernalia after handling it.

Lees said Plummer became short of breath and was taken to Conemaugh, where she died Nov. 6.

“This is a caution for safety for anyone coming into contact with any type of powder substance,” Lees said. “You should use extreme caution and notify the proper authorities.”

Ronald Plummer died Nov. 7, one day after his mother.

Read more at WJAC TV.

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