Police Officers Proactively Issuing Warnings About Deadly Opioid Strains

Police Officers Proactively Issuing Warnings About Deadly Opioid Strains

In an effort to save lives, police officers across the country are banding together to track deadly opioids and alert their local communities before addicts have a chance to buy new supplies. Much like how officers track crime, they are now monitoring cell phone activity and subtle clues to uncover the areas of concern.

According to the New York Times, all across Ohio, Washington, Massachusetts and Philadelphia are all locations where this new technique is being utilized. In recent months, places like Delray Beach, FL have seen multiple deaths in one day after a deadly “bad batch” of opioids hit the streets. These unprecedented situations leave many questions unanswered, and a place for police officers to try to understand what happened.

In addition to their new coordinated approach, police officers in are also carrying Narcan antidotes to treat overdose. “They are working with public health officials, and carrying more antidote for heroin and its synthetic cousin fentanyl,” the NYT reports.

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Read the full story at NYTimes.com.

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