Pittsburgh Prayers

Pittsburgh Church Offers Prayers for Addiction Crisis

Prayers Offered for Addicts and Their Families

The St. Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh celebrated a Mass of Remembrance and Healing for addicts and their family members.

As reported by Penn Live, Bishop David A. Zubik of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh celebrated a Mass of Remembrance and Healing for those who have suffered from drug addiction — for the addicts and their families. Hundreds of people, including at least a dozen priests, gathered for the service.

The Mass was celebrated at St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland, as an opportunity to pray for those lost to drug addiction and overdose, and for their families. It’s part of a push in the diocese to address the impact of drug addiction in southwestern Pennsylvania. Future activities will include educational opportunities and interfaith prayer gatherings, the bishop said in a news release.

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Allegheny County in 2017 reported at least 652 overdose deaths, the third year in a row that it shattered its own overdose record, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

“You are not alone. We love you,” Bishop Zubik said to those struggling with addiction. “We hope in you and we want to support you so you can get better. We can’t do that ourselves. We really need God’s help.”

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To read more about how the church in Pittsburgh is addressing the opioid crisis, please visit Penn Live.

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