Pensicola Hit By Deadly Drug Overdoses

Mystery drug brings death in Pensicola

With two overdoses deaths in the same week, authorities in Pensicola are investigating if a new drug is now circulating on the streets, possibly some type of IV painkiller.

According to the Pensicola News Journal, Police Department spokesman Mike Wood said a man was found deceased in the Dollar General parking lot on West Cervantes Street on Jan. 6 and a woman was found deceased in a vehicle near the intersection of Gadsden and P streets Jan. 8, both having apparently died from an IV-type drug.

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Wood said the agency still is waiting for a toxicology test to confirm the type of narcotic involved in both victims’ deaths, but the proximity of the two deaths has police concerned it’s a specific strain of drug circulating around that area of the city.

“We’re pretty sure we’re talking about a narcotic that’s an IV-type narcotic, so we won’t know until tests come back, but we’re concerned there’s a strain of bad drugs,” he said.

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