Paramedics Revive 11 Year-Old Opiate Overdose Beechview, PA Victim

A sixth-grader at South Hills Middle School was found unresponsive last week after an accidental opiate overdose. Paramedics found the 11 year-old girl at home after her family called 911 and administered CPR on her. The paramedics then administered Narcan, a drug that treats opiate overdoses in emergency situations.

After regaining consciousness, the young girl was agressive and had to be sedated. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, “Investigators found multiple stamp bags of heroin near the girl, and at least one bag was open. The girl’s 20-year-old sister said Thursday the family had no idea that the 11-year-old was using heroin until police officers discovered the stamp bags.”

At least 74 people have died in 2017 from suspected overdoses in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, compared to 130 overdose deaths last year, according to police.

The victim was a well-liked, social individual in her school, family said. The Post-Gazette reports, “She said the 11-year-old is a social butterfly with many friends who makes mostly As and Bs in school and loves to sing. Family members didn’t notice any odd behavior or recognize signs of drug abuse before the girl overdosed, she said.”

The young girl was living at the 2300 block of Palm Beach Avenue. Authorities are not releasing her name to protect her privacy a minority.

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