Opioid Antidote or Party Favor? “Narcan parties” are the latest trend

There’s a surprising new trend in Pennsylvania, dealers and addicts have found a new way to use heroin. They are combining Narcan and Heroin together as a package deal at parties and selling the combination to prospective customers.

Fox25Boston.com reports, “Addicts and dealers are taking advantage of this heroin reversal drug, and they’re throwing parties where they sell Heroin and Narcan as a package deal.” Because the Narcan comes with their heroin fix, users can develop a false sense of reality. Users can inject more and more of the drug, all the while believing the worst will never happen to them.

This Narcan-Heroin package deal is leading people to overlook reality and believe they are invincible. Boston’s Channel 11 reports local police have found individuals believing: “You can party and use the opiates to whatever degree that you want, with the intent that you can be saved by the use of the Narcan.”

Why Gamble with Your Life?

Some might say they are preparing users for the worst, while others might say they are encouraging people to push themselves to the brink of death. While Narcan is effective, there is never a guarantee that it will work in every instance. Assuming it is a fool-proof antidote is unrealistic and incredibly dangerous.

Opioid Addition Doesn’t Have to Destroy Your Future

While opioid addiction is widespread; help is available for those who seek a healthier, sober future. At FHE Health, we offer Neurofeedback Training, a cutting edge program designed to help retrain your brain to exist without harmful substances. This innovative process helps those who suffer from addiction or diverse psychological disorders correct negative behaviors and live a life as good, or even better than before opioid abuse became a way of life. Watch the video below for a full explanation:

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Read the full article at Fox25Boston.com

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