Ohio Town Rallies to Fight Opioid Crisis

Newark Ohio Rally

Not Your Typical Small Town Parade In Ohio

Residents of Newark, Ohio held a rally this weekend that had nothing to do with politics or the latest sporting triumph. Instead, they came out to raise attention to the ongoing opioid crisis that has cut across their town, like so many other towns across Ohio. More than just focus on the problem, the rally was also focused on the power of recovery programs.

A group called “Newark’s Clean & Sober Til It’s Over” hosted the event. While communicating the grim fact that addiction knows no boundaries, the event also stressed the point that the correct treatment can help save lives.

“Recovery works. It’s a thing that’s kept quiet. It’s all about the addiction, but not about the recovery also and it affects so many people,” said organizer Melissa Heisler.

In addition to speakers, a DJ also entertained the crowd. One attendee enthusiastically noted on Facebook that it was “a very cold, but very rewarding experience today! John Peters had some very little fans. Many speakers were very eloquent. Thank you community leaders for attending, So thankful to be a part of this EPIC event and holiday weekend!”

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To learn more about Newark’s fight against the opioid epidemic visit ABC6OnYourSide.

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