Heroin and Hallelujahs: Holiday Concert in Ocean City, MD Raises Awareness

Tony Christ

Father creates holiday concert to educate about his sons heroin overdose

Tony Christ is using music this holiday season to educate young children (and their parents) about the dangers of drug use. Called “Brian’s Christmas Songbook”, the on-stage performance recalls many of his sons favorite songs and love of Christmas. Between songs, Christ shared information and insights about heroin addiction.

The performance in Ocean City, MD drew a large and supportive crowd. “You see what’s going on with education today…it’s not working and we want to use music to touch kids emotionally, kids that are impressionable and we want them to carry it with them,” says Christ.

“We just want to touch these children emotionally, and we think we can be effective,” Christ said. “We want them to say ‘I never want to end up like Brian. I never want to do heroin.’ ”

Christ called Brian “a voice from the grave that could be any of hundreds of thousands of 18- to 25-year-olds that have died in the last five years of this epidemic.”

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