Zombie NY Firefighter Busted For Fentanyl

Anthony Murino

Zombie Staten Island firefighter busted for Chinese fentanyl

Anthony Murino, an NY firefighter, is heading to rehab after being arrested for buying fentanyl on the dark web from China .

As reported by the NY Daily News, Murino appeared zombie-like in court , and is now headed to rehab — on the taxpayer’s dime, according to his lawyer.

“Yes, he will be using his FDNY benefits. Yes, they will be paying the rehab costs,” Robert Gallo, Murino’s lawyer, said after the fireman’s arraignment in Brooklyn federal court.

Murino, 45, of Staten Island has admitted to importing Chinese fentanyl so he could sell the deadly opioid on Big Apple streets, authorities say.

Brooklyn Federal Magistrate Judge Steven Gold told Anthony Murino, 45, that Sunday was his “lucky day” before the jurist released him on $100,000 bond to a rehab center in Pennsylvania.

“You may be too affected by the drugs in your system to understand me,” Gold said. “You gotta stay there. I want to see you clean and sober in a few months.

This can be the day that saved your life. If you are a firefighter, you are a brave man, you are a great man.

Murino’s mother sobbed as she hugged her newly released son, who has worked for nearly four years at Ladder 11 in the East Village.

Wearing shabby blue scrubs, Murino looked dazed as he embraced her.

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To read more about how a NY firefighter is heading into rehab, please visit the NY Daily News.

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