Nurses Overdose Near Canton, Ohio

Nurses Overdose

3 Nurses Treated for Exposure to Deadly Fentanyl

For healthcare workers, there is now yet another stress in the workplace – exposure to fentanyl from treating addicted patients.

With fentanyl overdoses becoming a daily occurrence around the nation, first-responders and nurses are increasingly being exposed to the deadly drug.

Just this week in Ohio, three nurses needed to be revived with Narcan after treating a patient. Fortunately, they all were able to recover.

The nurses from Affinity Medical Center outside of Canton, OH were overcome by secondary exposure to fentanyl.

“They were cleaning up the room and started to feel sick. And then that left them waking up in a hospital bed,” Detective Shaun Dadisman said.

Investigators said the nurses had to be treated with Narcan, the drug used to revive those who overdose on heroin or fentanyl.

“It shuts down your breathing. It shuts down your system so you get to the point where you’re not breathing on your own. And you need that boost and that Narcan is what takes that away so it helps you to recover quickly,” Dadisman said.

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