Daughter of New Hampshire Police Chief Arrested for Dealing Heroin

Berlin NH

Police Chief Stunned by Heroin Charges Against his Daughter

Christina Morency, 31, was arrested just before Christmas. Chief Peter Morency said he was devastated by the news and never saw it coming.

As reported by WMUR, Police Chief Peter Morency was still coming to grips with the situation. “I’m struggling with trying to understand why, and I think a lot of people will,” he said. “It makes you realize that everyone is vulnerable to this.”

The Berlin Police Department received a tip that Christina Morency was involved in drug activity, and an investigation that the chief wasn’t made aware of was begun.

“To protect me and to protect the integrity of this agency, they took that information and worked with state police, who I am very grateful for,” Peter Morency said.

Christina Morency faces a felony charge that could mean up to seven years in prison. Peter Morency said he hopes that, if his daughter is convicted, her sentence will involve treatment.

“I think, as a state, we are looking at rehabilitation efforts, programs, drug court, those sorts of things,” he said.

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To read more about how a police chief in New Hampshire is grappling with his daughter’s heroin charges, please visit WMUR.

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